Thursday, March 04, 2010

Le Grand Macabre

D and I went to the Adelaide Festival Theatre last night to see Le Grand Macabre by Gyorgy Ligeti. I've only been to a couple of opera's before, and this being described as an anti-anti opera, was very different. Visually it was stunning, really spectacular. The set designer, Afons Flores, did an amazing job. The set was so dynamic, pieces opened to reveal the inside of the woman (the bowel was particularly impressive), doubling as bars, kitchens, night clubs, graveyards, observatory's and so on. A hideously life like tongue protruded from the mouth during the lovers songs, moving suggestively, quite crude but perfect for the moment. The use of projects on the body was fantastic too... how different the face looked - quite fantastic.

The performances were great, and the orchestra did an amazing job, but overall I think I do prefer a more classical opera. I understand that Ligeti was being ironic and critical of the opera tradition, but for me it didn't quite hit the nail on the head. Having said that, it was a spectacular to behold, and given that we don't expect to see too much more this year for the festival it was pretty amazing.

Last week we saw Heroin(e) for Breakfast, which was very interesting too. It was performed at the Holden Street Theatres on a very warm night, and unfortunately the venue was stifling hot. I enjoyed it, but probably would have a teeny bit more if it hadn't been soooo hot and my glass of wine less than cold.

My last show I think will be Austen's Women, which I'm hoping to see next week with my mum and sister. I love a bit of Austen!

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