Friday, March 05, 2010

Sand Pit Toys

Ruby received this set of sand pit toys for her birthday from her grandparents. Unfortunately, they've sat on the back bench looking untidy since then...

...well no longer! I finally made a drawstring bag for them to go into! Hurrah! I love it when I have an idea and then actually put it into action, instead of thinking about it forever. Of course, I had been thinking about this since she got them, but now it's actually done!

I appliqued some shapes from the set onto the terry towelling, and then finished off the beachy vibe with some soft rope for the drawstring. Voila!

Ruby loves the sandpit at Playgroup so I've been thinking that I might get one for home, but it needs to be able to be closed so that the Sushi monster doesn't get into it. A couple of these will do the trick I think:

I'm pretty sure Big W or Kmart will stock them, just need to go and look!


... said...

I love the beach toy bag. Looks like a great colour combo. You go crafty lady! Definitely good to see an idea become a reality.

Spinning Pretty said...

Thanks K! xx

Becky said...

We have one clam shell, slightly flatter on the bottom than that one. It was $22 from Big W. The small girl loves hers!

Could you please email me your address, I finally got organised with a PIF!


paperseed said...

We've been thinking about a backyard sandbox, too. That one looks like fun!