Thursday, June 17, 2010

Long Weekend

Last weekend we went up to visit one of my Mum's friends, Helga for the night.

Some highlights:

We had bonfires, homemade & home cooked pizza oven pizza's, bonfires, wine & hot water bottles. Walks through the town and delicious coffee at Blueys, and old pug & pine Blacksmith's which is now a delightful cafe and bed & breakfast place.

On the Monday we had family over for breakfast. Delicious bacon & eggs and good company. A wonderful end to the long weekend.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Concerts to Come

We have two concerts in a few months, and both lots of tickets have come in the post!

The first, in August:

It's oh, so exciting! Who will come? What songs will they sing? Dear me! Of course, Ruby is unaware of this frazzle of excitement, so I am making up for her! I did hear from an acquaintance the other day, that they often send presenters from years ago, and that sometimes the kids don't recognise them at all, however, Theo was apparently here last year, and Ruby has seen him a number of times - so fingers crossed!
My personal favourites are Justine, Alex and Karen - highly unlikely that they'll be there, but you never know!

... and for me... Leonard Cohen

Oh Leonard, how I love you. Our romance began in 1995, and although I don't listen to you as often as I did ten years ago, you are still the familiar voice appearing countless times in my iPod playlists. I missed you at A Day on the Green, (Ruby was only a month or so old, and a newborn in January heat outside was not going to work) and I lamented that you wouldn't be back... but here you are, coming again, AND I HAVE A TICKET! Swoon.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Envelope Project

I am going to participate in Pip's Envelope Project. Yay for participation!! If you are interested, head on over to Meet Me at Mike's and sign up!

Fingers crossed I might be the lucky winner!!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Project Patchwork 2010

Awhile ago I signed up to contribute to Project Patchwork, and today I got a Heart Quilt Block kit in the mail. Very exciting and I am eager to get started!

Lizzy who is organising things is very sweet as has a lovely blog, The Things She Sees.