Friday, April 28, 2006

Agnes the Puppy!

Well, Agnes has been a part of my parents household now for just under a week and gee, she has us all wrapped around her little paw!

This weekend it's my grandfather's 80th birthday and we're going to the Barossa Valley to have lunch at a winery....mmmmm mmm yummy food and yummy wine, I can't wait!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Anzac Day

Yesterday was Anzac Day and since my Grandpa died three years ago I haven't been attending the traditional gatherings regularly. Our family meets under a massive Moreton Bay Fig tree in the parklands, not as early as others attending the dawn service, around about 10am and we have coffee, sometimes champagne and a picnic to remember our lost family members and celebrate those that returned.

Grandpa was the mainstay of these gatherings for me and yesterday my Dad went along with my great Aunt Maude and in retrospect I wished I'd gone along with them.

Love and best wishes to all our returning service people and those that haven't made it home.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Fair

Phew! Well it's over, and usually it's four days! The fair was pretty tiring and in the end D was there the whole time and I came in at the end of the last couple of days.

We got the space put up pretty quickly and were generally happy with it, although we've got some ideas for more prominent signage for next time. D's keen to look at doing a home expo next weekend which goes for four days, but I think it's a little too close to this, I'd like him to have just a weekend!

My only purchases (not including the mega bunny chocolate D bought us):

The rub is for me, the dog wash for the new puppy my parents are adopting next weekend. Hurrah for puppies!

Today has been wet and cold and I've spent most of the day indoors in the sewing room (which looks as though a bomb has hit it!). Amongst a million other things I've been working on my samples for May Sampler. I've got some screen printed patches and some head scarf/band thingies.

I've used one of my patches to make my camera cosy, which comes along in my handbag everywhere I go!

It's looking a little worn, but hey it's well loved!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Oliver's Pillow

The other day I finished Oliver's 'Welcome to the World' pillow. Now I need to work on some treats for his Mum and Dad!

There's a great fabric shop near my work that sell's great fat quarters, I bought a bunch before Christmas when there was a sale. I've used a few for some jewellery keepers but I keep wanting to hold on to some of the designs. I really am a terrible hoarder, I need to just use things. My leather collection is just crazy - I have got to find some time to make some shoes!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Welcome Oliver!

A big Congratulations to some dear friends who have just welcomed their first little boy into the world! By all accounts, Oliver is totally adorable. I'm busy making welcome gifts and will post a picture or two when they're ready. Oliver is the first baby to be born from my University friends... it makes me think that we're all starting to grow up. Weddings have been occurring here and there over the last few years, not to mention my own to D just over two years ago... but babies - how exciting!

Yeah Oliver! Bring on the babies!

Crazy Day

Well, today was one of the worst days I've had in awhile. Everything had to be done immediately at work and I spent all day chasing my tail. However, the evening has turned out better, a quick dinner at the local pub with D and some work on our home business this evening. We're gearing up for a Easter fair and things have been pretty busy finalising sample stock etc. Hopefully we'll be ready before the date for some practice!

We're showing large format canvasses; people can provide us with a family photo or image they've taken and we're printing them and stretching them over frames. The samples we've done so far look so good, have to think of some things for around the house!