Monday, February 22, 2010

I ♥ Handmade Toys... and so does my Mum!

My Mum has been a strong influence on my crafting life. When my sister and I were growing up she was a sewer, a knitter and crocheter. Lyssa and I had so many fabulous toys and outfits that she made. My Mum was taught by my Nan who is a knitter and sewer, and Nan also contributed heavily to my childhood craft memories. Some of my very first creations were clothes for my Barbie Doll's, oh so much fun! One year Nan made me costumes of the world for a couple of my dolls and they were favourites for a long time! They were from a Paton's book, which I have seen around in second hand shops from time to time, but couldn't find online (apart from some already sold copies on ebay). Mum has them safely stored away for when Ruby is old enough to play with them.

Mum loves knitting, crocheting and sewing all things baby/child related. When Ruby was on the way, she went into overdrive, and we have so many wonderful things made from her loving hands. Here is a photo of some of the things she's made for Ruby, and also some amigurumi animals my sister made, the pink rabbit is from my Nan and I made the ball. (And Mum made the crocheted rug too). All in the family!!

Mum gets an enormous kick out of little one's wearing her things or playing with her toys, it is one of her life's joys. Nothing speaks more to me about my Mum's love and devotion to our family than with her crafty hands. I love you Mum!! xxx


Becky said...

These are wonderful! You have a very clever Mum I think :)

Gaslight said...

What a lucky baby Ruby is to have so many talented, crafty and loving women in her life.

paperseed said...

That is really sweet! I haven't tried my hand at sewing doll clothes yet, but I might have to soon. The second-hand doll Chloe was given came with an outfit that didn't fit properly, and just the other day I broke down and bought the doll a new one. I couldn't believe how much new doll clothes cost!