Thursday, July 09, 2009

Winter Rose

Dear friends of ours welcomed their second little one into the world on the 28th of June. Today, Ruby and I were lucky to have a visit with Winter Rose and her family. What a little stunner! Congratulations to Al, David & Oliver!

I made Winter a Fleur Playmat, this time in orange tones. It came out nice and bright for a little one born in cold weather!

After my first attempt, and trouble with the wadding, I cut this one a little bigger, but this time it was a little too big. The only conclusion I can come to is that I mis-cut the first one, perhaps not reading the pattern properly. I will be making one for Ruby next, so will follow carefully this time!!


Kylie said...

I like that little mat - I came across the pattern on etsy the other night - might have to grab a copy. Your version looks great - looking forward to seeing Ruby's

Kirsten said...

Everything looks great. You certainly are a busy bee. I haven't done anything for a while so am looking forward to doing a few projects when we get home.