Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Fun

It has been a weekend of markets and brunch. Two of my favourite things!

We had a delicious brunch with friends at Mantra, a lovely place on King William Road. Despite not having any high chairs (who doesn't + there were lot's of people with children there), my breakfast was totally delicious. The service was very good also, and I love the size of their tables. Nice and big... roomy even!

The Bowerbird Bazaar Market at the Queen's Theatre was fantastic! I went home with a few goodies, a full belly and some details about some stall holders I want to hang onto until I have more money to spend! We met up with some friends on Saturday, had some delicious food courtesy of Let Them Eat, a delicious beer by the Brew Boys, sweets by Careme, and wandered around. On Sunday I returned with my sister and my mum, to follow up on purchasing said goodies seen on the previous day... including:

A necklace by Victoria Mason:

A necklace by Angus & Celeste:

Cards by Able & Game. This is not one I bought, but I love love love... I have to keep some things secret!

People who's things I covet:

Bilingual - beautiful jewelry, including this piece which can be worn as a ring or as a pendant:

Hood Scarves by The Encouragement Award:

Prints by Printspace:

Lyssa loved this fan necklace by Sara Rothe:

Art by Sue Ninham:

...and the list could go on. Fun Fun Fun. It is so great to see a lot of these people and wares in the flesh. I am looking forward to doing some Christmas shopping at the next market in October!


... said...

Ooooooohhhhhhh! I wish we were able to come. I'm super keen to come to the next one. xx

Yesfia said...

oh, very nice
i ♥ markets