Friday, June 12, 2009

Baby Maya

A friend's daughter had a baby several weeks ago. Maya was born at 26 weeks and is still in the hospital. When she gets home, she has a 'C' cushion and little dog waiting for her.

I freezer paper stenciled Maya's name on her cushion. I haven't done any for awhile, and forgot how easy and effective it is. The 'C' Cushion is modeled on one I bought when I was doing infant massage and it has proved so versatile. It's great for general lolling about, has been excellent for helping Ruby to be happy lying on her tummy and now fits snugly around her back and helps her to sit up.

The little dog is from the book More Softies. The pattern sewed up pretty quickly, and Elsie the Little Dog has come out nicely.

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Cass said...

Love the cushion, great idea