Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lovely Rain

Yeah for rain, hurrah for rain. It's cleaned up the dust, watered the thirsty garden, filled people's tanks, cleaned out my cloggy mind. I feel refreshed, reinvigorated, focused. I have things to do, the house, my craft, our business. The rain has cleared out the heavy heat that stops me from wanting to do anything, the lazy heat that makes me want to sit and do nothing. I hate that heat. Of course, it will be back, but I am hopeful that this mid-Summer, mid-drought rain, this break from the season will rejuvenate me and keep me on track.

I've been on holidays for a week. I've finished up in my previous position and am moving into another area at work, an area that my husband and are part owners. It's exciting and scary. I have another week's break until I'm back at work, a week to do whatever I like. I usually make endless lists of things that I want to do, and fulfil about a third (if that), but I have resisted actually writing them down this time...I'm not sure why. D teases me about these lists, lists that when you look at them, look at the time involved to achieve them leave no room for just relaxing. I have relaxed though. I've been to the movies, had dinner with friends, visited my grandparents, gone plant shopping and had lunch with my Dad, but now there's the rain. I want to select paint for the house, design some leadlight windows, work in the garden, make some shoes, tidy the craft room (which D tells me I could do that all week and still not have it finished, and I guess he may have been right about that).

But that was before the rain. Now I am going to Bunnings, D is waiting in the hall... off we go.

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