Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I finally bought the Wee Wonderful's patterns for the Olive & Archie Make-a-Long softies. I made two Olive's for my cousin's daughters, Chelsea and Maddalyn. My cousin lent us so many things when Ruby was born, that I wanted to give her girls a gift for being so generous.

They were very easy to make, but I must admit, that the second time around, I modified a couple of ways of doing things that worked better for me. Hillary points out that the sewing up around the bottom with the stuffed legs is a bit tricky, and I did use this method for the first doll, but I didn't quite catch the legs terribly well/neatly. The second doll I didn't stuff the legs, flipped them into the inside and then stuffed them when I'd turned out the body.

# 1 Attempt

# 2 Attempt

The only other alterations I made were adding some more embroidery to the eyes, leaving off the eyebrows and making the bow a little smaller.

I think they are just darling. Next up with this pattern is both an Olive and an Archie for Ruby, I'm hoping to get the whole kit and kaboodle made for her 1st birthday.

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Becky said...

Olive & Archie look great! Lucky girls :)