Saturday, October 11, 2008

Birthday Spoils

My 31st Birthday got off to a slow start this year, with a three hour glucose test to check to see if I have this. Which I found out since then, that I do have, which has been a bit of a shock and caused no few tears around this place.

On a brighter note, after feeling like a pin cushion all morning, I went on to have a reasonable day at work, although a little tiring, D and I had a lovely dinner at Esca.

D gave me a JVC hard disk camcorder, something I've been wanting for ages, and will come in handy when the little one arrives.

Other Birthday spoils, from my sister:

Beautiful tulips from my parents-in-law:

A new Cambodian bag, from my Mum:


Drewzel said...

happy belated birthday, sorry i'm so forgetful!! xx steph

Spinning Pretty said...

Thanks Steph!