Saturday, June 28, 2008

In the Family Way

44. Add to our family of two.

It has been 6 months since my last post. This is what we've been up to.


Anna said...

Congratulations! And thanks for signing up to the swap, it should be fun.

Anna said...

Hi Anthea,

I don't have your email address sorry, so I'm leaving the message here -

Last night I randomly drew out swap partners today and your partner is Maithili. Maithili's second little bubba is due in December.

The aim is to have your swaps posted by the end of August. I have Maithili's email address so if you wouldn't mind sending me an e-mail, I'll forward you her contact details so you can swap addresses. Also, if you could dont' mind.. send me a photo of what you receive in your swap so we can all see what everyone gets!

Thanks again for signing up, I hope you have fun!

Cheers, Anna.

Spinning Pretty said...

Thanks Anna, have emailed some details to you : )

Drewzel said...

OMG! I was wondering where you were ...and now I know! Congratulations! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!