Sunday, September 16, 2007

Baby Shower Blues

So I turned up today at my mother-in-law's for my sister-in-laws baby shower, gifts in hand. One of which was this quilt that I was frantically finishing until 1am this morning.... and I was a day late.

I don't know what was going on with my brain, all week I've been thinking that the shower was on Sunday etc etc. So anyway, I dropped in on Liz and James and had a cup of tea.

The book, by Nikki McClure was the inspiration for the colour palette.


Jenny said...

Better late than never! The quilt looks great-I bet they loved it!

Spinning Pretty said...

Thanks Jenny!

Drewzel said...

Poor you, busting your chops til 1 am! So gorgeous though, and I'm sure they were thrilled.

Anonymous said...

Oh poo! and I know you have had that book in yor hot little hands all that time so eager to pass it on.. I think that quilt would have easily made up for any lateness. LOOOVE your rosy cheek swing tags!! they are adorable.
xoxox Carly
ps sorry about the slackness in telling you about the launch.. it was a small gathering .. my fault for not telling anyone!