Monday, May 28, 2007

Tagged (Even more of a slow coach!)

I've been tagged by Liv for 7 Random Facts... and like Liv have found that I've taken a little time to come up with them!

The rules for being tagged are as follows -

1...List seven random facts/habits about yourself

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1) The first time I went overseas was when I was four, we visited Sabah (my Uncle and Aunt were living there at the time). My parents went on a trek for a couple of days and I stayed home with the housekeeper. She took me to her water village, it is still one of my most vivid childhood memories.

2) I have been known to watch movies over and over again. In the craft room I have things playing on the laptop all the time while I make things - I'm a particularly fond of zombie movies, Star Wars (the originals) and 80s movies (Romancing the Stone, Big Business, The Goonies) to name but a few...

3) I studied shoemaking for two years but haven't made any in the last two years (must rectify this!).

4) Whenever I sit on our couch I feel the need for a Granny rug... I tend to feel the cold a lot and I love a fluffy rug.

5) My husband and I were given our cat Sushi as a wedding present... actually at the wedding - he was given to me whilst standing in my refinery... and consequently having been thrust into the limelight he is totally antisocial.

6) I'm always really slow to get my hair cut. I go for months and months between visits and everytime I go I vow not to let it happen again, but inevitably it does!

7) Until I lived in the UK for two years and had to work at breakfast time I was never a morning person. My Dad used to wake me up in the morning with a particular whistle at my door - I was always so grumpy about it!

Now, I'll tag Steph (but she may have done this already)...

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Liv said...

Great facts! Loved the one about your trip to Sabah...childhood memories are always so near but yet so far away...