Monday, March 19, 2007

What to do with leather scraps?

I've had a bag full of leather scraps for awhile now, left over from studying shoemaking (I haven't made a pair for over two years now - arrgh - must find the time!).

I cut some up like this:

Glued them like this:

Painted them white, and attached some copper birds which I sprayed red:

My Nan gave these to me. She was given them by a lady whose husband had passed away. Apparently he was incredibly prolific and she had too many around the house. I've also got a geometric one I've yet to do anything with.

These made for a relaxing weekend, with mindless cutting, glueing and painting. Yay!


Bitterbetty said...

That is so incredibly beautiful.

great way to make art from your stash!

audrey said...

You artist types amaze me. It would never even occur to me to make something like that with all the bits of stuff I have lying around.

It's really beautiful by the way.

And I love the birds!