Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Book Update

I am mad for books, especially art and design and for my Birthday I received the following:

From my parents (my Mum and my Dad & Wicked Step Mother : P ) I was lucky to receive some cash to purchase what I wish, some of which I spent on some books from Amazon. The first delivery arrived on Sunday - what a nice suprise to receive mail on the weekend!

Three books, one of which I will show one today:

Illusive, Contemporary Illustration and its Context

I only flipped through five or six times so far and there are so many marvellous pictures of some amazing work!

Stina Persson

Julia Pfaller

Karen Ingram

Catalina Estrada

So many pages of inspiration!

This book I was given by my parents in law:

500 Baskets

I've always flirted with the idea of doing some basket weaving, but have never actually had a go. This book has some amazing contemporary artists using some really inventive mediums.

This is one of my favourites called Phoenix by Angie Harbin. It's made from nylon, epoxy resin, paint and wax.

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mariannealice said...

sigh..another two books for the wish list...